40 Days at the Kosel - Donate Now : Vaad harabanim 40 Days at the Kosel - Donate Now

40 days


You’re Davening –
begging – that this year will bring you health, happiness, Parnassah, Shalom Bayit. Your list is simple, but overwhelming.

How can you get everything you need?

Send a Shliach to the Makom HaMikdash to Daven for you, around the clock, for forty straight days – from right now until Hoshana Raba. This powerful Segulah is amplified by the Gedolei HaDor, who visit the Kotel every day to draw Hashem’s mercy down for you.

Your donation immediately changes the lives of truly needy people: Hungry families. Cancer victims. Orphans. Poor brides. You have the chance to make an impact here and now and reap the benefits.

Donate and secure your spot in the Sefer HaChayim now.