Ways We Help - Vaad harabanim

Ways We Help

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Widows and orphans
  • Parents incapacitated by illness
  • Struggling single-parent families
  • Children with special disabilities

Then there are the thousands of families that underwent other serious tragedies of various sorts. Without the support of Vaad Harabbanim they would have completely collapsed. We help them pull through these tough times, usually for about a year, depending on circumstances.

Your everyday contributions to Vaad Harabbanim, both large and small, allow these families to survive!

Family Rehabilitation

So many families and individuals owe their stability, not to speak of their bare survival, to Vaad Harabbanim. But that alone is not our goal. It is not really enough to just pull distressed families back from the brink of disaster, and then drop them. To do the job right, you have to get them functioning on their own, and as quickly as possible. We don’t want them to develop dependency.

Thus a plan is devised for helping the family get back on their feet so they can function normally and healthily without tzedakah. This is the greatest chesed of all!

If there are medical issues, Vaad Harabbanim will ascertain that the local fund handling the case takes the appropriate steps so that the family receives all they’re entitled to from the appropriate agencies and organizations.

We also ascertain that the family is provided with competent legal advice, when needed, to help them get what they are entitled by law.

Vaad Harabbanim does all this thanks to your generous and regular contributions.


Vaad Harabbanim funds various projects and programs, such as:

  1. Distribution of 45 tons of matzah before Pesach.
  2. Nearly a million highly subsidized clothing outfits are made available to teens and adults by the local funds supported by Vaad Harabbanim.
  3. Subsidized children’s clothing is made available in the same manner.
  4. Distribution of tens of thousands of lulavim before Sukkos.