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Raizel Zlotnick
Fund Number: 5524

My husband Sruli was a very special person and the father of my wonderful kids. When I got hurt and became disabled, Sruli worked harder than ever to be able to support us.

Not long ago on a shabbos morning, Sruli passed away in his sleep. Suddenly, he was gone.

Our five children have had a very time coping with the loss of their father. Our son Yechiel most of all. Yechiel is a chosson. He no longer has an Abba to guide him, or to help him make a chasuna. I can barely walk, so I certainly can’t help. His kallah is wonderful but she is from a poor family as well.

I am asking if you can please help our family – to get by without any way to have a normal income, and to make a chasuna for Yechiel & his kallah. The kallah is a lovely girl but she is also from a very poor family. It has gotten to the point that we have thought of calling off the entire thing, chas v’shalom. Please don’t let that happen! My son has lost his father. Please, please don’t let him lose his kallah and his future as well.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Raizel Zlotnick


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