Harav Shalom Arush Shlita pleads on behalf of the Tzorfati family, among those killed in Meron / Watch the moving video - Vaad harabanim

Harav Shalom Arush Shlita pleads on behalf of the Tzorfati family, among those killed in Meron / Watch the moving video
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Rare and special:

Harav Hatzaddik Shalom Arush shlita makes an exceptional appeal and pleads with the public at large to rescue the family of his beloved talmid Rav Moshe Simcha Tzorfati zatzal who died in the terrible tragedy in Meron on Lag Ba’Omer



Dear Jewish people!

We are all recovering after the harsh tragedy that came upon the Jewish people this year in Meron.

We lost a precious talmid, one of the choicest in the yeshivah! He wore himself out for the Jewish people, going on missions to hospitals, prisons and army bases, he promoted shalom bayis, he did it all with mesirus nefesh.

Now his widow is left with all the expenses of the home and the burial, approx. $25,000, as well as approx. $30,000 of regularly accumulating debts. She is left without her husband who was the source of financial and emotional support for the widow and for their approx. 20 dear grandchildren, including young grandchildren who need emotional support for many more years, and the expenses great.

Hundreds of people who came to the shiv’ah, even those who met him only a few times, exclaimed how he had a special smile and light for everyone, with ahavas Yisrael for all sectors, religious and non-religious, haredim, traditional, modern orthodox, chassidim, sefaradim, litvish, yeshivah bachurim – every Jew whoever he was.

And especially as the dear widow lives in a rented apartment, without an apartment owned by them and now she is left with heavy expenses of approx. $2000 rent each month, and without a husband to support her now in these hard times. Who could force her to move at such a time to a different apartment?! As she faces such a sensitive and complex period…. Especially as they already moved so many times.

We are unable to bring back the dear husband and grandfather. But we can be partners with him, and we want to show our appreciation, indeed we can do so and must do so. There is nothing more important to do for him than take care of his widow.

Therefore we have decided, together with Vaad Harabbanim l’Inyanei Tzedakah, to raise the whole required sum, which is at least $250,000, to allow them to recover from the terrible tragedy, and to at least relieve them of the financial burden, and so they will have a decent place to live.

The Rabbanim request that each and every person participate, donating the sum of at least $30 a month, for a year (of course, any donation will be gracefully accepted).

I personally bestow my berachah upon all who take part in this great matter, in the zechus of R. Shimon bar Yochai, and may the donors have simchah, and emunah, and zivugim, and shalom bayis, and holy, pure children, and great success. Whoever gives will get back twenty times more.

Harav Shalom Arush.


* All who donate the above-mentioned sum of $30 for 12 months may send in their name along with a personal prayer request to Harav Hatzaddik Shalom Arush shlita.

Isaac Tawil

Posted - 11/10/2021



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may hashem console the tzorfati family

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