Five children are begging: save our mother who is only 48 years old - Vaad harabanim

Five children are begging: save our mother who is only 48 years old
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Five Children including a child with Down syndrome are begging: “Save our dear mother’s life”.

We had amazing mother who held the whole house together, an important Mechaneches in a seminary, and also a great lecturer to thousands of listeners in a daily reinforcement line, until suddenly one day everything collapsed, our mother was rushed to the hospital, and there they discovered the worst of all..

All at once we were thrown into a terrible vortex..

Five children without a mother, we also have a brother with Down syndrome who requires a lot of care and attention.

We are begging you, please help us in this difficult time, when our mother is paralyzed and hospitalized, to at least keep the house in its routine for the life of our mother, for the life of the little children!

The doctors say that the disease that nestles in her is very rare, and some treatments are not funded by the health insurance.

Help us bring our mother back home!

                                                                                                                                               Please. Help us now.


Posted - 15/01/2023

May H-Shem grant your mother complete healing and all the resources and money she needs to get better.
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