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9 Yesomim of Shulman Family
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“Mame, you were so much for us! You weren’t busy with laundry or peeling veggies, because you were too sick – and for that very reason, we gained a mother who has all the time in the world.
“Mame, who will we talk with now? Who will listen to us with all their neshamah, who will love us like only you did?”

Until two years ago, we had a normal home. Father learned Torah and Mother was a successful kindergarten teacher. Until a rare and severe disease took hold of Mame’s body, and our whole life changed.

Many times, Mame laid in bed, unable to move hand or foot. Only her head remained alert, as always, and mainly her heart. We sat next to her for hours, talking with her, telling her everything.
“You are great!” She could not hug with her arms, but her words enwrapped us with giant love. “You are so wonderful, my children!”

We thought it would go on that way for years.

Two weeks ago, suddenly, Mame collapsed. She lost consciousness and did not wake up again.

On Tuesday, our mother passed away, and now we are sitting shivah. Nine young yesomim, the oldest just sixteen. The youngest, a two-year-old, was very attached to Mame. He would climb up on her bed and cry, “Imaaaaaa”.

Mame, how can we go on without you? How can we live without Ima? A week barely passed and we are burning up with longing…

For two years now we haven’t had a normal life. Abba is nearly collapsing under the financial and practical burdens. Mame’s support and encouragement gave all of us the strength to face life.
Now we need your help! Please, let us live, and rebuild!

Help us and our Tate recover from the tragedy!