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Save the Yesomim of R. Yaakov Koritz z”l
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Disaster After Disaster

Bitter news came from the city of Beit Shemesh about the young avreich, just forty-seven years old, who passed away. R. Yaakov Koritz z”l was a talented educator and a highly respected member of the Lelov chassidim. He went through five years of harsh suffering, which he accepted lovingly. Everyone noted his characteristic smile that never left his lips even during his hardest periods. With the last drop of vitality left to him he always smiled at everyone.

The Outstanding Melamed

Yaakov z”l was a leading educator in the Noda b’Shearim talmud torah of Beit Shemesh. His students, who absorbed from him Torah and yiras Shamayim, tell longingly about the sweet hours they enjoyed with him.

He always poured out fervent tefilos before Hashem with yiras Shamayim. Everyone around him delighted in hearing the clearly pronounced words coming out of his mouth in a loud and clear voice.

Five years ago, R. Yaakov z”l collapsed at home after a heart stroke and was carried out in critical condition as the screams of his wife and children filled the air. It was a miracle that he emerged from it alive. One of the Rabbanim commented at the time that was clear to him that Hashem heard the terrible screams, and they are what brought him back to life.

However, a short while later, he was discovered to have a malignant growth. The whole time, R. Yaakov offered chizuk to others, as well as to his dear family, who bravely dealt with it all in true emunah.

Last Friday, his condition worsened, and R. Yaakov, who felt that these are his last days, asked that people should remember at all times his wife and children, who went through such a difficult period with him during his years of severe illness, and people should give them everything they need in all matters.

And with his last strength, R. Yaakov z”l mentioned the zechus of illustrious grandfather Harav Hakadosh R. Moshe of Lelov zt”l, who promised that anyone who comes to the assistance of his offspring will see a quick yeshu’ah from the Heavens above, and this promise is accepted and fulfilled in our days as well.


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Chaim Mattis and Ruchel Keller

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Hashem should have rachmanus on the family and they should know only simchos

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Refuos and Yeshuos B'Karov to all that need it.

Bonnie Keller

Posted - 23/08/2023

Refuos and Yeshuos to everyone in Klal Yisroel who need them.

Shmuel & Leah Schwartz

Posted - 22/08/2023

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