Pidyon Shvuyim Uman - Vaad harabanim : Vaad harabanim Pidyon Shvuyim Uman - Vaad harabanim

Pidyon Shvuyim Uman
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The Gemara says that for ‘Pidyan shvuem’ you should even sell a sefer torah

In a few hours we are being mekabel the yomim noraim, we don’t need to talk about the days of judgment that follows.

You can be zocheh to a rare mitzvah of pidyan shvuem.

An avreich that left his house with the only goal of being by the heilege rebbi for Rosh Hashana, on the way to the Rebbi there was a tragic accident what he was involved and he was imprisoned in a foreign third world country

The cost of his release is 150,000 dollars.

Please dont ignore this message and help him gain his release.

כל מרחמים אל הבריות מרחמים אליו מן השמים.