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Klal Yisrael Adopts Alter’l Porush The Lonely Orphan
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Tuesday, Parshas Acharei Mos Kedoshim, “Ish Imo v’Aviv Tira’u”

4  Iyyar, day 19 of Sefiras Ha’Omer, 5780

To my merciful brethren and fellow Jews:

I turn to you with a special request, to hear the voice of mourning from Tzion, the outcry and the plea emanating from a broken and bitter heart, of the orphan, the distinguished bachur Alter Porush yichyeh, following the tragic and shocking event in which he lost his mother and his father, may they rest in peace. They passed away suddenly, just four days apart. The mother, Mrs. Baila, passed away a week ago, and four days later, his father, R. Herschel, passed away. Alter was left alone and isolated in the world without any support. Where is the pen that can describe the great pain of Alter’l, a precious soul left alone in the world. The heartbreaking outcry that he let out before his father’s remains as they were being carried to burial: “Tateh, shidduchim, I want to build a Jewish home!” The bitter cries that pierced all the gates of heaven. Who will greet him with a good word and with a warm meal morning and evening, who will take care of his needs, who will work on finding him a proper shidduch.

Let us not forget his greatly beloved grandfather, the gifted writer Rav Shalom Chaim Porush zatzal, who was the Rebbe Shlita’s righthand man to express in Hamachaneh Hachareidi every week his pure Torah outlook, and to beautifully present pearls of Chassidic wisdom to the public from the Rebbes of past generations.

Chassidei Belz, dear brethren, please let us remember Alter’l. He is our yesom’l. He is one of our own, he is a member of the kehillah of the Rebbe Shlita. And let us remember his father R. Herschel Porush a”h who was close to the Rebbe, and loved by him.

It is our obligation to bring nachas ruach to Hashem, Father of Orphans, by taking upon ourselves to encourage the orphan, to adopt him and strengthen him in his hour of need. Together we will declare and say to him: “Alter’l, you are not alone, we will support you. We, with the help of Hashem, Father of Orphans, will bring you to the chuppah b’sha’ah tovah umutzlachas!”

We ask of each and every person to take upon himself a one-time donation of 101 NIS, and for those who live abroad, $36, in order to establish a special private fund of Chassidei Belz to adopt Alter’l. And in this merit, Hashem, Father of Orphans, will fulfill all the wishes of our heart for the good, with blessed children, long lives and abundant parnassah, and siyata d’Shmaya, to raise all our offspring to Torah, chuppah and maasim tovim, in physical and spiritual health, for lengthy, good days and years, until the speedy coming of the Go’el Tzedek, may it be soon, amen!

Written and signed in honor of the Torah and the outcry of the yasom

Pinchas Friedman



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