Special Gathering - Vaad harabanim

Special Gathering
Fund Number: 35228

As an emergency response to rescue 33 brides and grooms getting married empty-handed before 17 Tamuz, the leading Rabbanim gathered for a special emergency conference in the offices of Vaad Harabbanim l’Inyanei Tzedakah in Jerusalem. Among the leading participants were Moreinu Harav Hagaon Dovid Kohen shlita who is one of the generation’s greatest Roshei Yeshivah, Moreinu the Rebbe of Rachmestrivka shlita who is one of the generation’s greatest Tzaddikim and is known for his blessings and yeshu’os, and Moreinu Harav Hagaon Naftali Nussbaum shlita who is a notable Av Beis Din in Jerusalem.

In the gathering, the Rabbanim shlita were presented with 33 cases, each with all the relevant details concerning the personal and financial status of the brides and grooms, as well as their wedding invitations. The Rabbanim took the time to inspect each case and discuss the expenses necessary to save these orphans from shame on the day of their wedding.

The Rabbanim shlita were moved by this monumental project to marry off 33 orphans in one period of time. Harav Hagaon Dovid Kohen shlita remarked that to be partners in this mitzvah is the greatest thing a person can do for his zechus and that of his family.

To conclude the session, the Rebbe of Rachmestrivka shlita showered extraordinary words of berachah on all who donate for the marriages of the 33 orphans, blessing them that they should merit raising all their descendants to Torah v’chuppah, in health and with abundant parnassah.

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