We Lost Our Mother, Our Father, & Our Sibling - Vaad harabanim : Vaad harabanim We Lost Our Mother, Our Father, & Our Sibling - Vaad harabanim

We Lost Our Mother, Our Father, & Our Sibling
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We Lost Our Mother, Our Father, & Our Sibling – Now Our Brother Is In the Hospital.


Please Help 6 Kids Survive.

Hashem, we can’t take it anymore. Why our mother? Why our father?

Last week, COVID-19 took our mother Rebbetzin Baila Porush, a wonderful baalas chesed and tzaddekes. She left behind 6 kids. She was an amazing woman, who had many yissurim in life, including losing a child last year, and she accepted them with love. She was only 52 years old.

She was in the hospital fighting the virus and was doing better. Suddenly, she started to deteriorate. A half an hour later, she was gone. It was a huge, huge shock. While we were sitting shiva, our father Rabbi Tzvi Porush became very ill from the virus and passed away as well. That is how we lost both of our parents over the course of just a few days.

Life will never, ever be the same.

Our brother is currently in the hospital in critical condition – PLEASE daven for Chaim Liber ben Mordechai ben Baila Hendl.

We are mourning, beginning one shiva while we are in the middle of another, and we have to ask: How will we pay the rent? How will we feed the family? What will be?

Just a year ago we lost one of our siblings. We have been through so much. And we are broken.

Please, klal yisroel, please help – Hashem should bless you with health.

Mishpachas Porush

Ariel Israel

Posted - 15/01/2021

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