"The Outcry of 243 Seriously Ill Jews Comes To Us" - Vaad harabanim

“The Outcry of 243 Seriously Ill Jews Comes To Us”

1/27/5780 26.10.2019

The little room at 23 Rashbam st. in Bnei Brak has seen a lot. But what happened there on Sunday, 11 Tamuz has never happened before.
This is the home of Moreinu Sar Hatorah Harav Hagaon Chaim Kanievsky shlita, and he made the rare move of inviting the Rebbe of Vizhnitz shlita to come here for a joint meeting. These two Gedolei Yisrael who carry the whole people in their hearts convened for one purpose only. A single subject was brought up in this emotional meeting in Rav Chaim’s home: The families of the sick people supported by Vaad Harabbanim.

No other subject was broached in the emergency gathering on Sunday, 11 Tamuz 5779. Every minute of the Gedolei Hador’s convening was dedicated solely to rescuing the sick people.
They sighed over the difficult situation, carefully worded the joint letter, showered rare blessings on the donors – a meeting totally consecrated to enlisting Klal Yisrael – and that means us! – for the rescue of 243 families of sick people.
At Vaad Harabbanim there are hundreds of families of sick people pleading for help due to their shockingly difficult situations. “Some of them are on the brink of the grave!” – as emphasized by Rav Chaim and the Rebbe of Vizhnitz in their joint letter.
Exhausted parents, children with hairless heads, their brothers and sisters, are pleading for Father and Mother: in Oncology, in Dialysis, in Surgery, in Rehabilitation, in Cardiology, in Psychiatry, in Cardiac intensive care and in Pediatric intensive care, in addition to sick people who were sent home since there is nothing more that can be done for them…. The pleas are sent by hands blue from needle-pricks, shriveled skin or a body swollen from Cortisone. Confined to wheelchairs, trying to digest new announcements from the doctors.
Vaad Harabbanim cares for difficult cases every day. But these cases, which sounded an alarm at the Gedolei Hador – they are exceptions! The regular answers, the regular funds and the regular stipends – it’s not enough in these cases!
243 sick people and their family members need urgent rescue! Every moment is critical for them, every minute is a question of life!
“It has reached the point of Pikuach Nefesh, for them and their family members.” So write the Gedolei Hador.
It’s impossible to wait another day. We need to act for them now! More than the norm, with more significant sums than we usually give.
The medical forms and documents are spread out before the Gedolei Hador. Pages bleeding profusely. On one sheet can be seen a mother hooked up to a home dialysis machine for daily treatment. The floor is black and a four-year-old child is holding up before her a drawing from nursery school, hoping to be noticed.
In dozens of cases, one of the family members is an Oncological patient, and everything revolves around him, and there is no normalcy anymore.
Rosh Yeshivas Mir-Brechfeld, Harav Hagaon Binyamin Finkel shlita, is standing before the Gedolei Hador and presenting the outcry of the families whose lives were turned into Gehinom by a difficult illness.
The illness is the eye of the storm, and around it whirls a catastrophic hurricane. And it doesn’t matter whether it is the father, the mother or a child. When someone is sick, all the resources are directed to him, the money, the energy, the attention. Things that once were important turn into small matters next to life itself. How can parents be at work and at the hospital at the same time?
The salaries shrink, the expenses get out of control, children shuffle from home to home, they are longing and neglected… clothing articles get lost as they migrate from Grandmother house the neighbor’s house, and a kind aunt lends them a pajama for the meantime.
243 families of critically ill people, who need urgent rescue! Thanks to the support of Vaad Harabbanim they survived this far, but now they need more!
The home at 23 Rashbam st. is breathless in awe. Moreinu Sar Hatorah Harav Hagaon Chaim Kanievsky shlita and the heiliger Rebbe of Vizhnitz shlita are ruling on cases of life and death. The decision is issued: “Therefore we have established a special fund in Vaad Harabbanim l’Inyanei Tzedakah….” The support fund specially established by two giants of our generation!
“And we request of each and every Jew to try to donate at least 72…”
And they promise:
Anyone who makes the effort now to donate $72 “will be saved, he and his household, from all sickness, midah k’neged midah!”
The Gedolei Hador decree upon the donors: “No sickness will come upon you!”
Most of our existential fears revolve around heath issues. And Vaad Harabbanim, which cares for hundreds of cases, knows better than anyone how much there is to fear. The 243 families for whom Gedolei Yisrael have set up a special support fund – they will tell you about how fragile our lives really are. How routine checkups can make the heavens fall down.
$72 – and we give new life to 243 families of sick people!
It’s not so little, but not so much. You might pay a sum like that after a standard shop at the supermarket. It’s a sustainable expense. And a necessary one, too!
Let’s put the truth on the table: Rav Chaim Kanievsky and the Rebbe of Vizhnitz could have set up this fund without the Rebbe troubling himself to come physically to 23 Rashbam st.
They held the dramatic gathering so that you will sit up and take notice. To show you how important this fund is. They knew there will be photos, and videos, and the Jewish people will want to see it. They wanted to emphasize to you that life itself is on the table, and you can’t just move on without donating!
Let’s all respond affirmatively right now to the request of the Gedolei Hador. Who knows what will be tomorrow with the families of the sick people! Who knows what will be tomorrow with anyone, with you and me?

You need this berachah. The sick people need your tzedakah.
The lives of hundreds of Jews depend on this brochure, and “Tzedakah saves even from death.”