Erev Pessach, The letter of Rabbi Shimshon

8/5/5780 30.03.2020

First of all, it is guaranteed! An express commitment! This is a promise, not just a segulah or a blessing. A clear promise from a supremely holy person, pious and versed in Kabbalah, who learned every day with an angel from Heaven. A promise of someone who argued with the Sitra Achra. He promises us, and takes responsibility that one will be saved all year long.

A Clear Promise “That One Is Saved All That Year.” How many Jews sat at the Seder table last year and are no longer with us? How many brochures were sent out between last Pesach and this one? How many payments have been collected from the members of Kol Yisrael Areivim? The numbers are staggering. How many people sat at the Seder table as usual last year, and this year found out that they have a serious illness? Last year, when they recited Shehecheyanu v’kiyemanu, did they realize the significance of the words? Do we think about it, and remember to thank Hashem for every moment in our fragile world?

A Clear Promise to be Saved from “All Mishap.” So many Jews have shed so many tears over the detriments of technology. There is very good reason to be happy over this promise. Danger is all around us, all the time. What will protect us and our spouses and our children from michshol?

A Clear Promise to be Saved from “Unusual Death.” The words are frightening. When an innocent child goes to yeshivah and is found a few hours later lifeless, isn’t this an “unusual death”? When an excited couple hurries to the hospital in a cab, davening for besoros tovos, and they end their lives in a tragic accident, isn’t this an “unusual death”? So many stories. When presented with a promise for protection, we should grab it.

A Clear Promise to “Succeed Wherever He Turns.” Is there someone who is no longer in need of success in life? Success in raising the children, in Torah learning, in work, in shidduchim.

Moreinu Sar Hatorah Harav Chaim Kanievsky shlita dedicates very precious time this Erev Pesach to us, Vaad Harabbanim’s donors, specially for us. Because we give those thousands of poor families their basic Pesach products and necessities. He does it to guarantee that we will be here also next Erev Pesach, that nothing bad should happen to us in between. The Gedol Hador sits in his scrubbed home, to the background of white sheets covering the bookshelves rented to a non-Jew, and he reads, with the fire of kedushah, the wondrous Iggeres Hakodesh of R. Shimshon of Ostropoli.

Another minute passes, and then another one. Not much time left. In Jewish homes everywhere, people are hurrying to finish up their last preparations for Pesach. Showers, the last ironing, putting the children to sleep so they will be up for the Seder…

That’s how you merit, without even noticing it, a life insurance from the Gedol Hador.

On this day you will receive from Rav Chaim shlita a life insurance. Not insurance to pay money, but insurance on life itself!

“We have heard stories from people who recited the letter at the time and they merited real wonders.” That’s what it says in the introduction to the Iggeres. Since it is anyways a Halachic obligation to give Kimcha d’Pischa money, all you have to do is send it to Vaad Harabbanim and thereby merit this awesome promise of protection, on top of the mitzvah.

Rav Chaim reads the Iggeres, and in his heart are Vaad Harabbanim’s donors. If your name is there, on the list of the Gedol Hador – it’s a different Erev Pesach. It’s a different life! Heavenly protection accompanies you, so you are saved from mishaps, protection from all enemies and from unusual death, and you succeed wherever you turn.

After a couple weeks or a couple months, not much will remain of the Pesach cleaning. You already start to see your work cut out for you next Erev Pesach. But the special protection of the Iggeres Hakodesh lasts throughout the year!

So let’s get that zechus for ourselves, this year too…