"For the Success of our Sons in Yeshiva" - Vaad harabanim : Vaad harabanim "For the Success of our Sons in Yeshiva" - Vaad harabanim

“For the Success of our Sons in Yeshiva”

12/27/5783 14.08.2023

A suitcase rolls towards the door, pulled by the hand of a beloved child, causing mixed emotions.

How much happiness, hope and concerns mix in our hearts when we send off our children for the new school year…

Our eyes are raised to Heaven as we plead, “Ribono Shel Olam, only You can truly watch over them. Please help them blossom, help them grow up to be talmidei chachamim and yerei Shamayim!”

For our children to succeed, so much siyata d’Shamaya is needed! There is a good reason that Chazal included a plea in the morning davening that our children should be lomdei Torasecha… it’s our whole life!

With the beginning of the Elul zman and the new school year, the Gedolei Hador are taking your children into their homes! They are offering a special Tefilah for our yeshiva children, our mesivta and beis midrash boys, our Bais Yaakov and seminary girls! And they know what to daven for…

The Rosh Yeshiva knows exactly what our bachur needs! What is good for our girls… With his holy eyes, his pure heart, with the power of the Torah’s decree, the Heavens will split open for our children.

That they should taste sweetness in the words of the Gemara, that they should be successful in their studies, that they should love the mitzvos, that they should feel a connection to Hakadosh Baruch Hu… that they should be saved from negative social influences and from spiritual and physical dangers, that they should be healthy in body and spirit.

If a person gives to tzedakah so his child will live, he is considered a tzaddik! What life do we have, besides the life of Torah?

Tefilah for Torah – that’s by the Gedolei Hatorah. A bachur whose parents gave his name over into the faithful hands of the Rosh Yeshivah, his zman is a different zman! His desire for Torah is much deeper and sweeter!

The Rabbonim set the sum of $72 for each of our children… Pure tzedakah for our pure ones, it’s like a pidyon for the beginning of the zman…

Tzedakah is the key!

Send in the names to Maranan v’Rabbanan Gedolei Hador Shlita. Bring your children in for a bracha. The gedolim will place their pure hands on their heads, daven, and bentsch them lovingly.

That’s how to start the new zman…