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Forty Decisive Days

12/24/5782 21.08.2022


There are a lot of special offers that you can ignore. There are enough advertisements anouncing, “A one-time opportunity!” and we know that the opportunity will come back again and again, and even if it doesn’t, we won’t lose anything.

But there is no second chance for this Tefilah.

An entire year is hanging in the balance: your life, your parnassah, your health… The emissaries of Vaad Harabbanim will break through the gates of Heaven to write a שנה טובה for you!

The Melech Ha’olam is sitting on the Throne of Mercy and waiting for every good deed.  Waiting for your teshuva, tefilah and tzedakah. Now is the time to send your tefilos, to write and seal gezeiros tovos by means of pure tzedakah!

Forty days, from Rosh Chodesh Elul until Tefilas Ne’ilah. Forty days that there will be no second chance for.

Year 5783 is now being written…


Shaking and Quaking

30 Av. The sun is setting, the month of Elul is coming in, and the clock is beginning to tick.

For a whole year we ran. We worked, planned, bought, travelled, ate, spoke… we spent a whole year in ongoing routine, and now we have only forty days left to take stock of ourselves:

What do we want to change? What things happened this year that we want to continue, and what would we want to discontinue?

On Rosh Hashanah we will be created anew. Nothing that we have now is guaranteed. We are like an empty vessel, like an unborn child.

We pass one by one, like a flock of sheep, before the King of Judgment, and are carefully examined: what do we deserve for the coming year? How many successes will we reap? How many times will we visit doctors? Which children will give us nachas?

Hakadosh Baruch Hu wants to give us everything. He sits on the Throne of Mercy and calls out to us to return to Him! He reveals to us the secret of Teshuvah, Tefilah and Tzedakah, in order to shower us with abundance and blessing.

On these days, when Midas Harachamim is revealed, and fates are hanging in the balance – the Tefilah of Vaad Harabbanim shakes up worlds for you. Day by day, the ehrliche shluchim will plead for you at the Mekomos Hakedoshim, and in addition, the Gedolei Hador themselves will come to daven!

The Sheluchim will plead for you at the Kosel Hamaaravi, which is the Gate of Heaven from which the Shechinah never departed. They will supplicate tearfully at Kever Rachel. They will beg for Heavenly mercy in Meron at the tomb of R’ Shimon bar Yochai, they will awaken the zechus of R’ Meir Baal Hanes, and will pray persistently for yeshuos at Amukah…

These shluchim are talmidei chachamim, tzaddikim and yerei Shamayim. And they will come daily, day after day, from Rosh Chodesh Elul until Tefilas Ne’ilah on Yom Kippur. On Shabbos, on the two days of Rosh Hashanah, on Tzom Gedaliah and on Erev Yom Kippur. And on Yom Kippur itself.

Forty days of begging and pleading for our 5783, at the Mekomos Hakedoshim!


With the Power of Moshe Rabbeinu

These forty days were set, thousands of years ago, as days of selichah and rachamim.

The Jewish people were in danger. And Moshe Rabbeinu ascended to heaven to plead for mercy on their behalf.

For forty days he stood before the Kisei Hakavod. From The first day of Elul until 10th of Tishri. Without food and without water, like a malach of Hashem. He begged and pleaded, persisted and persuaded, asked again and again and again —

Until on Yom Kippur, Hashem answered him: סלחתי.

And so it is every year. Selichah is ready and waiting for us during these forty days. The heavens are wide open, and the Tefilah ascends in a straight and quick line right up to Abba in Heaven.

If we would truly understand the power of these days, we would leave everything and daven from morning until night. We wouldn’t miss a fraction of a second of these holy days.

The shluchim of Vaad Harabbanim are going for us to five Mekomos Hakedoshim and shaking worlds so we will merit a שנה טובה. The Gedolei Hador offer their Tefilah with the power of Torah, and the mighty Tzedakah of Vaad Harabbanim goes before them, throwing in all its weight…


Tzedakah Tears Up the Gezar Din

It is said in the name of the Chofetz Chaim that the only way to guarantee oneself a favorable judgment on Rosh Hashanah is to be a person that the community needs.

When you are a donor to Vaad Harabbanim, tens of thousands of Jews need you. Fathers and mothers, orphans and widows, sick people and impoverished talmidei chachamim… tens of thousands of Jews are anxiously awaiting your donation. You are needed here more than ever!

When Chazal said צדקה תציל ממוות, “Tzedakah saves even from death,” they meant exactly this. Hakadosh Baruch Hu treats us midah k’neged midah, and when we look beyond ourselves, when we see our precious brethren and show mercy on them, our Abba in Heaven sees us and shows mercy on us!

There is no way to get around it. We need these zechuyos; it’s critical. We, our children, our spouse, our parnassah, our health, our dear ones… who would dare hesitate when life itself is hanging in the balance?

Elul is beginning soon. The spirit of selichah and rachamim is spreading its wings, the Ribono Shel Olam is opening gates and waiting for us.

The Tefilos of Vaad Harabbanim are beginning, with the Gedolei Hador standing at the helm, and the tens of thousands of poor Jews that you keep alive will tip the scales for you, for a שנה טובה.

For forty days, the shluchim will switch off in shifts. The sun will disappear and rise, Shabbos will commence and depart, Jews will come and go—

And our shluchim are there constantly, non-stop. Davening. The Tzedakah goes with them. The Gedolei Hador daven from their homes, and the tens of thousands of poor Jews to whom we donated are ensuring that we are written down for a good year…

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