Machnisei Rachamim, The Great Convocation

13/19/5778 30.08.2018

4 Hours Before Rosh Hashanah 5779 begins at the Kosel Hamaaravi. The Gedolei Hador shlita will gather in front of the Shechinah to daven for Vaad Harabbanim’s donors to be written and sealed for life.

You can see the new year rising. It’s still below the horizon, but its rays are already here.

The year 5779 is four hours away.

And the Gedolei Hador have gathered at the Kosel like a host of angels disguised as venerable elders. They have come together, and there are tears in their eyes. They are swaying, their lips are moving, lists of names are in their hands.

It’s Erev Rosh Hashanah 5779 at the Kosel. It’s four hours before candlelighting. It’s the convocation of the Gedolei Hador shlita for the sake of a most holy cause: Vaad Harabbanim.

The gate of Heaven is here. That’s why you turn toward the Kosel whenever you daven, wherever in the world you might be. This is where the Gedolei Hador have gathered, like a battalion of angels, to speak on your behalf.

Because the doors are shutting on year 5778, and opening on year 5779. The sun is setting, and the new year is rising.

These hours are so fateful, it’s kind of scary.

We don’t know what will be.We don’t know many tragedies, large and small, private and public, are about to be decreed and put into writing.

It’s kind of scary if you think about it. And in fact, fear is what we are supposed to feel.

So let’s imagine, just for the sake of illustration, that you were put on trial for multiple offences bearing the maximum punishment of lo aleinu.

What would you do?

I am sure the first thing you would do is get a really good court lawyer.Even if it costs money. Someone who knows how to present a case. Someone who commands respect. Someone who speaks with confidence, with passion, with impeccable logic.Someone who knows the law inside out.

If you had the money, you would employ the services of a whole lawyers’ office.

You got it. All that is yours for the having. And it is affordable, too.

The Gedolei Hador shlita are going to the gates of the King’s palace, to intervene on behalf of you and your loved ones, just when the King is about to sit down on the Throne of Judgment. They will speak, they will beseech, they will present the evidence of your merits and your good deeds.

The Gedolei Hador command respect. Tzaddik gozeir, v’Hashem mekayeim.

No one knows the law like they do.

They speak with confidence, with passion, with impeccable logic.

And they know how to present a case.

But what is the case?

Here is where they need your cooperation.

You see, the King has many, many beloved children. A whole contingent of them lives in Eretz Yisrael.

And some of them are poor and destitute.

They are in dire need of your help.

So it’s a perfect case. You will donate to help the King’s needy children, whom He loves with all His heart. No one else can do it, no one else can save the King’s children from their predicament, only you, dear Vaad Harabbanim donor.

Only you can do it!

So it’s a perfect case. The prosecutor argues that you committed crime A, B and C, but your legal team presents the evidence of your merits and your good character. You donated to Vaad Harabbanim.

And the King needs you, so to speak. You are irreplaceable. The welfare of the royal family depends on you.

You must be spared, and what’s more, you must be blessed. You must be granted wealth, so you can support the King’s poor children. You must be granted health and happiness and peace of mind and everything else good, so you will be able to carry on with your good work.

The whole kingdom depends on you.

You are looking good! So smile, be happy and confident on the Day of Judgment, and just one thing:



Send in your donation to Vaad Harabbanim right away. Everything depends on it.

And don’t forget to include your name, and the names of your loved ones.

The Gedolei Hador shlita want to daven for you at the Kosel on Erev Rosh Hashanah.