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Maybe You Will Be The Reps

3/18/5780 16.12.2019

There is a crowd stretching down the street, and when you take a second look, you notice that it crawls up the stairway of the apartment building. These people are obviously waiting for something. It’s hard to hear what exactly they are saying to one another but it seems to be in a mix of various languages. There are excited children, groups of teenagers, and lots and lots of adults. It’s chilly and there are occasional smatters of rain coming down.

These people are obviously waiting for something.

They want to go in.

Someone makes his way down the stairway of the crowded building, full of relief. The Gadol Hador spoke with him! The next in line excitedly goes in.

In the meantime, a whole group of young yeshiva bochurim walks up, joining the line. It looks like that bus pulling away must have let them off. The bochurim made a siyum maseches and they came for a brocho.

And suddenly—

The gabbai’s voice is heard , he is calling you- the donor of Vaad Harabbanim.

The waiting crowd reverently parts to let you through.

You donate to the poor people of the Gedolei Hador, and the Gedolei Hador want to thank you for it. They want to meet you personally and shake your hand with great appreciation. They want to shower you with all the brochos in the world.

They want to tell you how important your tzedakah is, and with what responsibility and seriousness your money is handled. They want you to know where the ten dollars you donated yesterday went, how many Jews you rescued, how many children ate normal food thanks to you, how many sick people got medications. How many families were alleviated from a difficult financial situation.

The Gedolei Hador want to thank you personally!

On Your Side:

A donation is a regular habit

8:10 AM.

It’s a routine day. The children went to school as usual, you are quickly drinking a cup of coffee, and as a pretty routine action you call up to donate to Vaad Harabbanim. “Chana has a very important test today,” you say to your wife. “Let’s ask for her name to be brought in for a special tefilah.”

You donate so often to Vaad Harabbanim.

Before Pesach, together with buying the matzos, the new clothing and whatever else the home must have, you dedicate a nice sum to Kimcha d’Pis’cha. On Erev Yom Kippur, when you are already wearing slippers, you stick some nice bills into the pushka of Vaad Harabbanim. The scent of Purim wine is tightly connected to Matanos l’Evyonim to Vaad Harabbanim. On Sukkos, and Chanukah, and Erev Shavu’os, and Lag Ba’Omer, and vacation— on every special occasion we dedicate a portion to the poor.

On Their Side:

You are keeping worlds alive!

It happens all the time.

It could be at this very moment while you are reading the brochure, that a stooped-over yungerman is trying to speak and is holding back his tears. “My wife has been paralyzed since the accident. She is suffering and the children are suffering.” The yungerman wipes away some tears, and the kind rabbi looks at him with compassion. “The physical therapy sessions she needs are so expensive. It’s beyond our ability…”

A widow comes in, mother of seven young children, with practically no income. A choson without father or mother enters. He is empty-handed. Then come a couple who are converts and their children need special educational help which is terribly expensive. “They can’t read the Chumash!” exclaims the pained father. “The oldest boy is already eleven!”

And then your donation comes in. It joins tens of thousands of donations from precious Jews around the world. From New York and from Paris, from Geneva and from Bnei Brak, from Buenos Aires and from Manchester. Hundreds of thousands of donors, precious Jews who unite through the tzedakah of the Gedolei Hador and save Jewish lives.

You donate to the poor people of the Gedolei Hador, and the Gedolei Hador want to say thank you for it. They want to meet you face to face and shake your hand with great appreciation. They want to shower all the brochos in the world on you.

If it was possible, we would gather the tens of thousands of donors from all around the world, put them all on planes and fly them to Eretz Yisrael.

We would transport you to the home of Moreinu Harav Hagaon Chaim Kanievsky shlita, and from there to the home of Harav Hagaon Rabbeinu Reuven Elbaz shlita, and to the great Rebbe of Vishnitz shlita.

But since this is not possible, one donor will be chosen by raffle, and he will go in to the Gedolei Hador to receive the thanks and the brocho as the representative of all the donors of Vaad Harabbanim.

One donor will receive a plane ticket to Eretz Yisrael, and will be invited in to the Tzaddikim. He will receive their personal thanks to all the donors and bring the brocho to everyone.

What would you want to say there? What would you ask the Gedol Hador?

Collect your requests. Prepare a list of wishes to present before the Gedolei Hador. They want to bless you! To express their gratitude and thanks for taking care of their poor people!

Life after meeting the Tzaddikim eye to eye is a different life. You will tell of these moments to your children and grandchildren. A zechus that lasts for generations.

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