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Medical Miracles On Shavu’os At The Reading Of Aseres HaDibros

9/24/5782 25.05.2022

Medical Miracles On Shavu’os At The Reading Of Aseres HaDibros

Moreinu Gedolei Hador

Harav Hagaon Rav B. M. Ezrachi Shlita

Harav Hagaon Rav M. Gross Shlita

Harav Hagaon Rav R. Elbaz Shlita

Harav Hagaon Admur of Rachmestrivke Shlita

will daven a special tefilah and Mi shebeirach for the sake of Vaad Harabbanim’s donors and especially as an awesome segulah for the sick to be healed and for the healthy to stay healthy

We all know what happened at Matan Torah. The Torah was given, and we received it.

At Matan Torah, everyone was miraculously healed. If a person had one arm, he grew another one. If a person was meshuga, he became sane. If a person was stricken with leprosy, he was healed.

Moreinu Harav Hagaon Yosef Shalom Elyashiv zatzal said this about it:

בשעת קריאת עשרת הדברות ניתן לבקש רפואה שלמה על כל סוגי המחלות – גם כאלה שאין להם סיכוי בדרך הטבע!

When the Aseres Hadibros are read on Shavuos morning, you can ask that any illness be healed – even if the doctors said “no chance of recovery.”

The Key To Health

The time of the Torah reading on Shavuos morning is the ultimate opportunity to pray for refuah sheleimah – for recovery and for continued health.

And that is exactly what four great Torah luminaries of our generation are going to do. At the time of Krias Hatorah, they will daven for the names sent in by donors of Vaad Harabbanim.

Let’s say you are perfectly healthy. You haven’t been to a doctor in twenty years, you feel great, you can arm-wrestle people half your age, you are just bursting with energy and vitality.

That’s great!

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay that way?

We all need tefilah, because no one has a warrantee from his Maker. And we want everything to keep working. We wouldn’t want even a single one of our 248 limbs and organs, or our 365 nerves and sinews, to hurt or to stop functioning chas v’shalom.

There is a lot that needs to go right.

So whether your health is 100% or only 98%, whether the tefilah is for you or for poor Chaim Yankel in Toronto, this is the right time. This is the ultimate time. This is the most amazing, the most incredibly miraculous time.

This is the time of the great health segulah!

So send in your names and your donations. so that you too can be davened for at this auspicious time.