On Zos Chanukah, Kohanim Gedolei HaTorah will daven facing the site  of the Kodesh Kodoshim - Vaad harabanim : Vaad harabanim On Zos Chanukah, Kohanim Gedolei HaTorah will daven facing the site  of the Kodesh Kodoshim - Vaad harabanim

On Zos Chanukah, Kohanim Gedolei HaTorah will daven facing the site  of the Kodesh Kodoshim

3/19/5783 13.12.2022

After the miracles and wonders happened, and the Greeks were chased away, the Kohanim entered Beis Hamikdash. They purified it, set up the Menorah, and sought to start up the avodah again.

But in all of Yerushalayim they could not find any unsullied olive oil suitable for lighting, except for one small jug that was only enough for one day.

On the first day the Kohen Gadol reverently poured oil into the Menorah, thinking about what would be the next day: what would they use to light the Menorah??

On the second day, there was still oil in the jug. The miracle repeated itself on the third day, and the fourth day, and the fifth day and the sixth and the seventh…

For eight days the miracle continued and grew and expanded, until the day of Zos Chanukah, the day of the ultimate miracle.

And from then on – as our Rabbis say – the miracle is ready and waiting, on the day of Zos Chanukah, to bring yeshu’os to every Jew.

Just as it was in those days, so it is in our days. The leading Kohanim will go and awaken the Chanukah miracles for Vaad Harabbanim’s donors.

The same tefilah, the same place, the same day, and with kedushah that has not dimmed for thousands of years.

Those who offer the tefilah are all great kohanim, talmidei chachamim, Chassidische Rebbes and Roshei Yeshivos. And they, too, like the kohanim of old, in the days of Chanukah, possess the kedushah of Aharon Hakohen, and are commanded to bentsch the Jewish people.

They come to the place that is the closest we are permitted to enter in ourdays. In the Kosel tunnels, at the point directly a cross from the Kodesh Hakodoshim. That is where the Tefilah for Vaad Harabbanim’s donors will be offered before Hashem Yisborach.

And the Tefilah is with the same words chosen by the Chashmonaim before they went out to battle the Greeks. The kapitel of ויהי נועם,which is all about Divine protection and grace.

Zos Chanukah – sowrites the BneiYissaschar – is a day with a special segulah for barren women to be blessed with children, a day with a special segulah for parnassah, a day with a special segulah for yeshu’ah. The day when the great judgment of Rosh Hashanah receives its final authorization for the wholerest of the year!

This day is just waiting for your personal yeshu’ah to come. For the Chanukah miracle you have been waiting for. Whatever you want, whatever you ask for, even  lemaalah min hateva, against all chances.

Mattisyahu and his sons had no reasonable chance to win against the Greeks. A handful of Jews who knew only about Torah and the Beis Hamikdash, with no military background, against a trained army of thousands of soldiers with the best weaponry of the time and terrify ingwar elephants. The Chashmonaim’s act of going to war wastant amount to suicide.

But they won. Against all logic. With Divine power. With great miracles.

And this is the nes that is waiting for you on Zos Chanukah. Lemaalah min hateva, against all chances.

What miracles are you waiting for? Good test results? A shidduch for a child, or advancement at work? Maybe you keep asking and praying and davening over and over and over again?

Come, a nes is waiting for you, too. The great illumination of Zos Chanukah is for you, too.

Just one phone call, one donation which is a nes for tens of thousands of needy families, will bring your personal miracle into your home…

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