Tefilas Hakohanim on Zos Chanukah facing the Kodesh Kodoshim - Vaad harabanim

Tefilas Hakohanim on Zos Chanukah facing the Kodesh Kodoshim

3/18/5780 16.12.2019

How many miracles happened to you since the day you were born?

How many times did disaster “almost” strike You were almost run over, or almost ran over someone else, you almost lost a sizeable sum, a child almost choked or almost fell from a window and you caught him, all shaken up and trembling, a moment before it was too late?

We live on miracles.

We need miracles all the time. All the time!

Now Zos Chanukah is coming again, and the power of miracles is awakening again in the world, waiting for us to come and take advantage of it. To bring miracles into our lives. For tomorrow, for next week, for the coming year…

The story of the Chanukah miracles is one of the most amazing that ever happened to the Jewish people.

A handful of Torah scholars, lacking strategic military knowledge, defeats a trained army that is well-equipped with the best weapons of the time. And afterwards, when they cleared out the Beis HaMikdash and purified it, the oil in the little jug that was found lasted for eight days. A string of open miracles, against all rules of nature!

And like every miracle, these miracles, too, followed a certain course:

The agents through whom they took place were KOHANIM, from the House of Chashmonaim.

The place in which they took place was the BEIS HAMIKDASH.

The prayer that they recited was VIHI NO’AM from Tehillim.

And the day on which the miracles climaxed was the day of ZOS CHANUKAH.

We are re-enacting in our times what happened back then. Leading Kohanim will go out to stir up the power of the Chanukah miracles for Vaad Harabbanim’s donors. They will recite THE SAME TEFILAH, and will stand in THE SAME PLACE, and it will be on THE SAME DAY. And it will be accompanied by the same kedushah that has not dimmed over the course of thousands of years.

The Emissaries Carry the Kedushah of Aharon Hakohen

Back then, in the days of the Chashmonaim, the kohanim served at the front in the struggle to keep the Jewish people intact and holy. They led the Jewish people into battle and sacrificed their lives to dispel the enemy from the House of Hashem. With their decades of Torah learning and avodas Beis Hamikdash under their belt, they went out to fight fiercely on the battlefield.

The miracles of Chanukah come through the Kohanim, and for good reason. The power of kedushah that passes on from father to son, father to son, has not been affected by the thousands of years of galus. It is still in full force.

Like it was then, so it is now: on Zos Chanukah, a minyan composed of Chassidishe Rebbes, leading Talmidei Chachamin, Rosh Yeshivas and Poskim – all of them Kohanim, descendants of Aharon Hakohen – will gather together. They will daven a special seder tefilos based on what the Chashmonaim davened, and will awaken the power of the Chanukah miracles for Vaad Harabbanim’s donors.

The Place Is The Closest To The Kodesh Hakodoshim

They will enter the tunnels of the Kosel Hamaaravi, to the spot directly facing the Kodesh Hakodoshim. This is the closest one can come in our times. There, at the Gate of Heaven, they will offer their special Tefilah for us.

In the place where the miracles took place thousands of years ago, the great Kohanim of our day will ask Hashem to grant your requests and bless you miraculously.

This is the day that determines your fate for the rest of the year. This is the day on which you can merit miracles, abundant parnassah, happiness and satisfaction from the children, good health, a good and blessed life, and everything else you might want or need.

This is the day!

It’s the gathering of the Kohanim Gedolim of our times. Call to donate so that you too, can be a part.

The Chanukah miracle is waiting for you, too. Don’t miss it.

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