The Gedolei Hador illuminate your homes by their tefilah - Vaad harabanim : Vaad harabanim The Gedolei Hador illuminate your homes by their tefilah - Vaad harabanim

The Gedolei Hador illuminate your homes by their tefilah

3/17/5784 30.11.2023

The Chanukah Menorah is standing ready at the window, beckoning and glistening. Soon the eternal flames will be burning on it, the little flames that connect past to present, glorious history to future and hope.

When you kindle these lights, you know that the Gedolei Hador in Eretz Yisrael also lit their Menorah and davened for you at this very special time. For you, dear donor of Vaad Harabbanim.
You light up the lives of thousands of families in distress, and they light up your life with their Tefilah.

You chase away the darkness and bring joy to broken fathers and mothers, to children who yearn for calm and security, and the Tzaddikim daven for you.

For the Gedolei Hador, kindling Chanukah lights and tzedakah to Vaad Harabbanim go hand in hand. They themselves make sure that the Vaad Harabbanim tzedakah box is there and ready, and they donate a nice sum every evening of Chanukah, when they light. Afterward they ask for the list of donors and daven for us. For you! For each and every one of the partners in the greatest tzedakah fund on earth. They offer a personal tefilah, full of love and appreciation.

Our child is lighting the Menorah, and Moreinu Harav Hagaon Dov Landau Shlita has already davened for him that he should grow up to be a yerei Shamayim.

Our family “choir” sings Ma’oz Tzur, and the Rebbe of Vizhnitz Shlita already asked the Ribono Shel Olam to protect our beautiful family and keep everyone healthy and happy for always.
And the miracles come, surely and powerfully. The Tefilah of the Gedolei Hador awakens the light of yeshu’ah for those who kindle the light in thousands of darkened homes. Your tzedakah chases away the darkness from their homes, and it will chase away any darkness that might be affecting your life.

Every Chanukah evening increases the tremendous power of nissim. Every tefilah from the pure hearts of the Tzaddikei Hador.
Another candle, another miracle.

We can bring so much good into our lives with one little donation…