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The Hymn Of Redemption

8/6/5782 07.04.2022

This article was originally written while we still had Rav Chaim, Sar Hatorah, with us. It was as clear as day that also this year, the wondrous Iggeres of R’ Shimshon Ostropoli will be read by Rav Chaim, like every year.

But this merit is not to be ours this year. Rav Chaim went up in a storm to the heavens. The reading of the Iggeres and the accompanying Seder Tefilah as he practiced it every year will be performed by the Tzaddik Harav Mordechai Gross shlita.

This will follow the same form as Rav Chaim, Sar Hatorah, established. The same ancient words revealed to R’ Shimshon Ostropoli by an angel from heaven. With the same awesome promise, “He will be rescued all year long….”

Do you remember last Erev Pesach?

It seems as if a hundred years have gone by since then. Days rolled down the slope of time, weeks and months passed, packed to the brim.

Less than a year has passed since then, and the world hardly recognizes itself.

On Seder night we pray l’shanah haba’ah b’Yerushalayim, but we don’t have a guarantee of anything. We bless Shehecheyanu¸but does someone promise we will say these words also on Pesach 5782


R’ Shimshon Ostropoli assures us!

מובטח לו– “He is guaranteed” – those are the exact words written in the sefer – “He will be rescued all year long….”

It’s a Guarantee.

Many years ago, in a dream at night, an angel of G-d came to R. Shimshon of Ostropoli and revealed to him a wondrous and awesome secret of Torah.

R’ Shimshon lived at the time of Gezeiros Tach v’Tat, otherwise known as the Chmielnicki Massacres of 1648–1649 in Poland and Ukraine. Entire communities were slaughtered, including the kehillah of R. Shimshon himself.

In those fearful days, an angel from heaven revealed to R. Shimshon the Special Secret of Ge’ulah. In the Aseres Hamakos, in the acronym of דצ”ךעד”שבאח”ב, the wondrous yeshu’ah of the Exodus from Egypt is hidden.

“אַחֲרֵי זֹאת הוֹדִיעַ אוֹתִי, שֶׁכָּל הַמְּעַיֵּן בַּסּוֹד נִפְלָא וְנוֹרָא הַזֶּה עַל מְכוֹנוֹ אֲפִלּוּ פַּעַם אַחַת בַּשָּׁנָה, וּבְיוֹתֵר בְּעַרְבֵי פְּסָחִים, מֻבְטַח שֶׁהוּא נִצּוֹל כָּל אוֹתָהּ הַשָּׁנָה מִכָּל מִכְשׁוֹל, וּמִיתָה מְשֻׁנָּה, וְשׁוּם אֹנֶס.”

The angel also revealed to him the segulah of reciting this Iggeres on Erev Pesach, which carries the promise “to be rescued all that year from every mishap, unusual death and circumstance beyond one’s control.”

And in order that we will all be able to actualize this amazing promise and guarantee, Harav Hagaon Mordechai Gross shlita will read the Iggeres for us.

You have been waiting for this brochure to come. You looked forward to knowing that this year, too, Vaad Harabbanim will perform for you the sod revealed by the malach to R. Shimshon Ostropoli, and take out for you the best life insurance in the world. Too many tragedies have taken place to Jewish people from last Pesach until this Pesach, and we need to arm ourselves with the best protection available.

Last Erev Pesach, the Gadol Hador zatzal studied the Iggeres, with Vaad Harabbanim’s donors deep in his heart. This year, Harav Hagaon Mordechai Gross shlita will carry on this tradition.

“We heard stories from people who read the Iggeres at the right time and merited real wonders.” So it is written in the introduction to the Iggeres.

You will Merit the Same Next Year

You almost finished cleaning the house, just a few corners left to tidy up, and maybe part of the kitchen. You will soon take out the Pesach dishes. That’s always exciting. Then the 14th of Nisan will come! Maror and Charoses, shining gleams and new clothes…

On this day you will merit receiving a life insurance policy. Not just for the money. It insures life itself!

Whoever is there, on the list of the Tzaddik, will have a different kind of Erev Pesach. In fact, his whole life is different! Divine protection accompanies him, removing obstacles and mishaps, saving him from any enemy and attacker and unusual death, granting him success wherever he turns.

Not much remains from the hurried cleaning of Erev Pesach. A month or two, or a week, and forgotten corners already start to accumulate for next Erev Pesach… only someone “guaranteed to be rescued the whole year” has something that sticks with him. His protection goes along with him throughout the year. Nisan and Iyar and Tammuz and the holidays of Tishri and Chanukah and Purim –

Until next Pesach.

Then we will merit it again, b’ezras Hashem.

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