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The Segula of Parshas Ha-Mon

5/8/5781 21.01.2021

You Won’t Miss Parshas Ha-Mon This Time



People read it and think,That’s it, all my parnassah problems are over forever. But we know it doesn’t work that way. You just mumble a few paragraphs, and become rich? Parshas Ha-Mon is not a superficial segulah. The Beis Yosef writes that the main thing is to internalize the idea that all your parnassahcomes from Hashem, just like the mon did.

This Tuesday of ParshasBeshalach, which is the day when Parshas Ha-Monhas special power, Vaad Harabbanim will not recite it for you. We would never take that away from you, because the whole idea is for you to read it yourself, and understand that Hashem is totally in control of your parnassah. Essentially, your income is no different from the mon that fell for B’nei Yisrael in the Wilderness.

And just in case you did not totally fathom the depths of Parshas Ha-Mon, there is another, easier way to unlock the segulah, and it is basically the same idea. Chazalsay that if a person sees his parnassahdwindling, he should give tzedakah. Because tzedakah is the way to berachahin financial matters. Whether a person has a little or a lot, tzedakah is the key that opens the doors ofparnassah.

On Tuesday of ParshasBeshalach, Vaad Harabbanim is holding areally major event. The biggest tzedakah distribution in the world on a single daywill take place. These two million will come from the tzedakah of thousands upon thousands of Jews like you. Since you are joining with the Klal, since you are making it all possible, Heaven considers it as if you personally donated the entire sum.



Together with the recitation of Parshas Ha-Mon, this astounding tzedakahevent will generate a zechus that is beyond your wildest imagination. No mekatreg will be able to withstand the force of millions of shekels donated to save poor, suffering Jewish families and individuals in Eretz Yisrael. This will give your recitation of Parshas Ha-Mon a punch that you never dreamed of.

And while you are reciting Parshas Ha-Mon, while millions are being distributed to aniyei Eretz Yisrael in your merit, Vaad Harabbanim’s distinguished emissaries will be davening fervently for you at Kivrei Tzaddikim particularly known for the blessing of parnassah.

This is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself. It is the most effective hishtadlus there is. We are sure you will join in.