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The Segulah Of Rav Chaim Palagi For The Childless On Erev Shavu’os

9/24/5782 25.05.2022

We know parents who are waiting.

Maybe it is a dear brother, maybe a dear sister-in-law, a close friend or work colleague. We tiptoe around them, filter our conversations in order not to hurt them, we are sometimes careful not to talk too much about children and babies, and most of all, we share in their pain.

And what are we doing for them?

We daven, which is very important! But what else, some little thing, some spiritual hishtadlus for them?

Shavu’os is coming, and also this year, the emissaries of Vaad Harabbanim will be going to the Beis Hashunamis on Erev Shavu’os, and will give 104 to tzedakah according to the sod revealed by R’ Chaim Palagi zatzal, and will daven tearfully for those waiting for the yeshu’ah to come to them.

“It is a segulah for the childless!” So revealed the sublime Kabbalist R’ Chaim Palagi. This is the way to bring a yeshu’ah to your brother, your friend, neighbor or sister-in-law! You daven for them? You feel their pain? Do something!

This year, we will all give 104 for them!

The offices of Vaad Harabbanim are used to hearing the good news come in, but the heart still skips a beat with each child that is born. Tender newborns come to the world, eternal happiness like none other. A bris and a kiddush, the pleasure of a baby’s sweet cry, and overflowing thanks.

This year we will experience the miracle from up close, b’ezras Hashem.

Fathers and mothers who were fortunate enough to have children before they hardly managed to daven for it will never understand how deep and biting this pain is.

“Maybe if we would have donated last year for the Tefilah of R’ Chaim Palagi, it wouldn’t be so quiet here.” Brachi shakes when she says this. “The quiet is getting to me, Davidi. Will it be this quiet even when we reach retirement?”

Her husband pales. “Chas v’shalom! There will be children and grandchildren here who will keep you busy around the clock.”

“Why chas v’shalom?” Davidi, let’s be realistic.”

He gets up, angry. Angry like she never saw him in eleven years of marriage. “Brachi, stop it immediately! Stop it with the despair! It will happen, b’ezras Hashem, and this home will be full of children!”

She bursts out in tears. “I can’t take it anymore, Davidi. How much can I bear? How many times can I be disappointed and begin to hope again? How much can a person die from longing? How much?”

The house in Shunem knew this pain. The walls absorbed the seemingly endless wait, the torturous days and nights, the terrible fear that maybe it won’t happen. Not even one little kaddish?

Elisha Hanavi came to the house, and she prepared a bed, chair and lamp in her attic for him. One day he promised the Shunamis woman that at this date next year, she will be hugging a baby boy.

The Shunamis woman was shaken up: why are you deceiving your humble servant? Why are you reviving the hope that almost died? I don’t have the strength to want and then to be crushed once again with disappointment.

A year passed, and the miracle happened: a baby boy was born, a real baby! A tender, crying baby! Tears of happiness were shed this time.

And from then on, the miracle is standing and waiting in the little house in Shunem. The Steipler himself sent childless couples to daven in Shunem, and so did his son, Moreinu v’Rabbeinu Harav Hagaon Chaim Kanievsky Zt”l. He sent people there to daven for children.

On Erev Shavu’os the shluchim of Vaad Harabbanim, who are talmidei chachamim, will go to the Arab village of Shunem, and perform the special tikkun of R’ Chaim Palagi, and then tearfully daven for those waiting for children and for all those waiting for the Geulah.

Because this segulah is not just for the childless! “It hastens the Geulah” – so writes R’ Chaim Palagi the great Kabbalist. Each person and his personal geulah…

The yeshu’ah will come, the geulah will come. Send in your donation now for the segulah of R’ Chaim Palagi.

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