“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” - Vaad harabanim : Vaad harabanim “We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” - Vaad harabanim

“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

13/20/5780 09.09.2020

“No writer could describe the greatness of your activities, and how much chizuk we gained from you, in this abyss of sorrow and suffering.”

Do you recognize these words?

“You have merited the promise of the Father of Orphans – If you bring joy to Mine, I will bring joy to yours.”

“Thank you, thank you very much!”

These are letters that were sent to you. Personally!

The street address was that of VaadHarabbanim’s office, but you are the addressee.

You are coming to Rosh Hashanah 5781 with tens of thousands of thank yous, sent to you by VaadHarabbanim’s recipients.

On these days when we are doing what we can to increase our zechuyos, remove that which is negative, and uplift ourselves, in order to merit a good judgment – their thank yous are your best MeilitzYosher!

Supporting The Poor, The Sick, And The Orphans!

These words were intended for you. Heartfelt letters from families that collapsed under the burden, and you brought them back to life.

Endless letters packed with emotion. The life and soul of widowers and widows fighting to hold up the broken home, the tears of longing orphans, the groans of terminally ill patients in hospitals. They all offer true and reliable testimony for you, they speak on your behalf before the MelechHa’olam as He sits on the Throne of Judgement, each in its own words and its own way.

These letters are the proof that you care about others and show mercy towards them. Thus, Heaven will show mercy on you. You are part of something bigger than yourself. You are a partner in KlalYisrael’s great worldwide tzedakah project. KlalYisrael needs you.

“When I was close to three years old, my mother passed away after years of suffering from a malignant disease, and left behind nine orphans,” so tell these words written with a violet pen on unlined paper. “I didn’t get warmth and love like in a regular home, we didn’t have bread to eat or clothes to wear. Literally.”

Do you know this boy who became a yasom when he was just three years old, who remembers his mother only from pictures? Did you meet him some time? But you still donated to him, because you are a Jew! You brighten his life – because he is your brother!

“VaadHarabbanim established a large fund for the family, so that nothing should be lacking at home,” continues the letter. “And when the children got married, the Vaad made sure we won’t remain swamped in debt… it is as clear as day that money hides the daily difficulties! Thanks to VaadHarabbanim, we established a fine family…”

Another orphan sends in a letter. His mother died during the COVID pandemic, and his father collapsed and died three days after her. “Our lives went dark. We were suddenly left without father or mother, like a ship tossed in a stormy sea. Already at the levayah, the members of VaadHarabbanim were working to set up a fund to support the four children left at home.”

It was you that donated to them! Your donation joined with the donation of a Jew from EretzYisrael, and the contribution of a Jew in Zurich. A lady in New York sent in a nice sum, and a yeshiva bachur from Haifa gave 180 shekel… it adds up to millions for the aniyim of VaadHarabbanim!

“We got so much chizuk as the months passed by, both from your taking care of our daily economic needs and for coming to our aid afterwards, when I got engaged… and you are there for us at every step.

“I have no word to express the thanks and the appreciation of the whole family for your wondrous activities!”

This joy which we brought into the lives of so many orphans is the asset that will accompany us forever and ever. Their thank yous are the tremendous weight that decisively tips the scale in our favor, for Chayim Tovim uleShalom.

There are so many more letters like this, there simply is no room for them all.

Year 5780 is coming to an end. A year of busy activity in VaadHarabbanim, that you yourself are responsible for! When many Jews join together for the sake of tzedakah, it is considered that each individual donated the whole sum.

This year you flew patients to life-saving operations, fed and clothed orphans, brought impoverished brides and grooms to their chuppah… this year you accumulated millions and millions of dollars of tzedakah.

And now the new year is arriving.

We are entering year 5781 accompanied by the thank you letters of poor Jews that we supported, of sick people that were kept alive and orphans that were rescued. This year is beginning with their warm, heartfelt berachosoverflowing the pages, and with one clear message:

RibonoShel Olam, we are here for Your children.

Please give us, in Your mercy, another year, so we can keep giving with all our heart, amidst true abundance, with simcha and nachas and good health.

Now, when we are being judged anew for each and every detail of our life, let’s grab hold of the zechusof this tzedakah with all our strength, and ask for another year in which we may continue to be among those who give.

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