Yes, I want to do the mitzva in the best way possible! - Vaad harabanim : Vaad harabanim Yes, I want to do the mitzva in the best way possible! - Vaad harabanim

Yes, I want to do the mitzva in the best way possible!

7/11/5782 14.03.2022

How did the children’s costumes come out?

And your Shalach Manos – are they presentable enough? Did you hear of or come up with a creative idea?

What about the Se’udah? You surely prepared a tasty menu…

You invest so much into the mitzvos of Purim, your Matanos l’Evyonim should also to be just right.

Like every year, you give your Matanos l’Evyonim through Vaad Harabbanim, because you don’t settle for less!

The Real Poor People

Endless help requests come in to Vaad Harabbanim, and already two months before Purim, the Rabbanim hold a special session to review them and approve individual cases according to their merits, so your Matanos l’Evyonim will get to the right address. So your money will go to the neediest, worthiest and most eligible poor people, those who most perfectly fulfill all the Halachic requirements and are above the age of bar or bas mitzvah.

Through our Matanos l’Evyonim we are zocheh to all types of tzedakah: we support Torah learning, we save lives, we help widows and orphans, we gladden the hearts of the poor and we assist those with physical and mental illness…

The Real Day

In order for your Matanos l’Evyonim to be given on the actual day of Purim, a special Purim headquarters is set up, manned by a large staff of telephone receptionists. The phones ring constantly, millions of dollars come in from Eretz Yisrael and all around the world, and are delivered to the real evyonim on the actual day of Purim facilitated by complex and well-planned logistical arrangements.

Really Usable

The mitzvah of Matanos l’Evyonim is meant to enable poor people to purchase food and drink for the Purim celebration joyfully and respectably. Thus it is preferable to give cash to the evyonim.

Vaad Harabbanim makes sure the money is delivered to them in an accessible form that is immediately usable so that every Jew in Eretz Yisrael will be able to have a happy Purim.

Like the Gedolei Hador

All Gedolei Yisrael – Chassidishe Rebbes, Roshei Yeshiva and Tzaddikei Hador – give their Matanos l’Evyonim specifically through Vaad Harabbanim. When we do like they do, we can be absolutely sure: this is tzedakah in the most mehudar way!

100% Tzedakah

Every dollar you give will go just as it is, 100%, with no deductions for overhead or processing or delivery costs or administrative expenses or anything else, to truly needy and eligible poor Jews in Eretz Yisrael. A hundred dollars donated equals a hundred dollars delivered to the evyonim, not a cent less.

How is this possible?

A number of donors have taken it upon themselves to finance all the costs of Vaad Harabbanim’s Purim campaign so that your tzedakah will be whole and complete and 100%.

Only one time in the cycle of the Jewish year are we obligated to give tzedakah on a certain specific day and with such detailed conditions and halachos. Only once a year do we have this zechus. So don’t settle for anything less than the best: Matanos l’Evyonim to Vaad Harabbanim!

A freilichen Purim!

Yes, I want to do the mitzva in the best way possible!

Yes, I want to do the mitzva in the best way possible!