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You Can have Nachas

9/25/5780 19.05.2020

Coronavirus Puts An End To Normalcy Also In VaadHarabbanim

Every year, the Gedolei and MeoreiHador go up to the tomb of the Shelah in Teveriah on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, to daven for our children.

The Jewish people waits for this Tefilah from year to year. For the power of the pleas that ascend to Heaven through the open skies above, on the date that the Shelah himself revealed as having a special segulah.

The GedoleiHador tearfully raise their arms in prayer and plead for our children, that they should have long, healthy lives, full of ahavasHashem, Torah and mitzvos.

Just reading the words that the Shelah wrote brings tears to the eyes. This prayer covers all the areas of life, robust health and abundant parnassah, brotherhood between brothers and proper zivugim, beauty and honor and grace and kindness…

We wait for this Tefilah from year to year. We know that we need our Torah leaders to daven for us and for our children, reciting the magificantnusach composed by the ShelahHakadosh.

And what will happen this year? We cannot hold gatherings. And the GedoleiHador hardly leave their homes at all. Will we lose out on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, chasv’shalom?

This question came up in the offices of VaadHarabbanim, and it already had a clear answer: Am Yisrael will not lose out. Also this Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, the GedoleiHadorwilldavenTefilasHashelah for our children.

The question was what form it will take: will a limited minyan be allowed to gather by the Shelah? Maybe the Tzaddikim should all daven at the same time, but each in his own home?

Even the veteran gabbaim, who have already organized hundreds of massive prayer gatherings for VaadHarabbanim’s donors, had no answers.

Only Hashem knows what the TefilasHashelah will look like this year. And He, with mercy and love for those who help His struggling children, will make it happen in the best way for us.

But one thing is for sure – there will be a Tefilah!

This Is What We Want.

The first phone calls to VaadHarabbanim arrive even before the brochures are distributed. “Put my children in,” urgently requests donor number who’s-still-counting. “Please, you don’t know how important it is to me. I must have the TefilahHashelah!”

The TefilasHashelah is the focal point for all our aspirations in this world and the next. It encompasses spiritual and material wishes, it reverberates on the innermost heartstrings.

Open up this Tefilah, read the words that the ShelahHakadosh wrote. You could cry from the sheer emotion of it!

“Our Father, merciful Father, give all of us long and blessed life. Who is like You, Father of mercy, Who remembers His creations for life, with mercy.”

At the craziest times, when we are holed up at home – physically, not just a figure of speech – this plea is so relevant! A prayer that we should merit life. Simply to live!

The Heavens open up here! Whatever you want, you can get it now. Torah-dik children – take it. “MareiMikra, Marei Mishnah, Marei Talmud…” Do you want children who are TalmideiChachamim? This is the time to merit it. “And they will serve You with love and inner fear” – it’s yours. The GedoleiHador will be davening for this for your children.

And that’s not all. Everything physical and material is included in this prayer, too. All needs are satisfied, health, esteem, strength, and much more.

Your children’s future is here. Their ruchniyus, their Yiddishkeit. No one is so apathetic that he would not want this for his children.

Life’s Center

There are two types of people in these coronavirus times: those who suffer at home alone, and those who are crying out to get a break and be allowed to loosen restrictions.

Those who suffer at home alone move from the chair to the sofa, clean the clean table, aren’t sure whether to try a new recipe – but for who? No one is going to come anyway. They go crazy from longing for the grandchildren and worrying about the children. They can’t go visit, they can’t go out of the house, and even if they see someone, they can’t get close, they can’t hug. They can only look at their loved ones from afar, and their hearts go out to them.

The other kind of person threatens to go out of his mind from all the commotion. With children at home twenty-four hours a day, they eat so much, are constantly looking for something to do, talk and chatter and don’t want to sleep. They quarrel amongst themselves, change their minds every two minutes. The home is upside down, all the toys and games are out, you can hardly find a sane corner to breath in.

But either way, the children are at the center.

They occupy our thoughts, they engage all our senses. In longing or worry, in tefilos, in endless efforts twenty-four hours…

Either way, we live for them. We give them everything we have, the freedom and the time and the money – it is for their sake.

Once a year there is a Tefilah that concentrates all our aspirations, the essence for which we get up in the morning. GedoleiOlam take our raison d’être to their heart, and plead for our children like only they know how to do.

With the strength of decades of Torah learning, with the power of the tremendous tzedakah they gave. With the ability that the ShelahHakadosh revealed to us, regarding the potential of Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan for davening over our children.

And we, from home, will add our tefilah at the time of TefilasHatzaddikim. The tefilah of father and mother, of simple Jews who wish to continue the chain of the Jewish people.

Father in Heaven! We long to establish generations who will glorify Your Name in the world, and we care not just about our own children but also about all of Your children! We sent in tzedakah that will give light and ability to Your suffering children, and we ask that You should grant them light, and also to our children.

The calendar rushes forward. It was just Pesach. Who remembers the winter before coronavirus? Time is flying. Soon our children will themselves turn into parents. What will they be like? What will come from them? What kind of a home will they establish?

Now we decide the answers. By fervent prayers, by tzedakah with a segulah.By the double power of the Tefilah session on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan.

Now, now we are doing something for them.

Nothing is more fitting than this. Someone who merits Jewish nachas has everything. And we pray to merit it!


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