You Can Have Nachas - Vaad harabanim

You Can Have Nachas

9/29/5781 10.05.2021

Did you ever stop to think what immense effort we put into our children?

For them we rise earlier in the morning, get them ready for school, cook large quantities, work hard to support them, rush with them to the doctor when they don’t feel well, buy clothes and shoes, clean, launder, iron, follow up on how they are doing at school, talk to the teacher, consult with educational experts when needed, play with them, listen to them, use endless reserves of patience that we didn’t even know we had… there is not a moment that we are not connected to them.

And why? For who and for what do we work so hard?

So we will have the zechus of continuing the eternal chain of the Jewish people.

This is the goal of our lives: to raise another generation of Jews to serve Hashem. To keep the eternal people alive with the same Truth from Avraham Avinu until today.

And when Gedolei Yisrael go to Teveria for the sake of our children – it is as if we are there!

This is the tenth year in a row that the Tefilah session at the tomb of the Shela Hakadosh is being held. Even last year, in the midst of the COVID crisis, special permits were obtained to hold the gathering.

Last year, 5780, Israel was under strict lockdown due to Coronavirus. Until the last moment we didn’t know what form the Tefilah would take. Will a bare minyan be permitted? Will each of the tzaddikim go on his own, each at a different hour, to take part in the prayers?

Even the seasoned gabbaim, who had already organized hundreds of great Tefilah sessions for the donors of Vaad Harabbanim, and successfully navigated complex logistics, did not have answers.

Hakadosh Baruch Hu saw the efforts that were made, accepted the tzedakos of Vaad Harabbanim’s donors, and took care of everything: in the middle of the strict lockdown, special permits were issued, and the Tefilah session took place as usual, led by the Tzaddikei Hador!

Again, Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan is around the corner.

Our heart skips a beat. In a few days the Gedolei Hador will put aside their lofty occupations, close the sefarim that are always open, leave their posts, and make the long journey up to Teveria in the north – for the sake of our children!

They will take them along in their broad hearts – our Moishie and Binyamin, Dassie and Shoshanah, Chaim and Netanel, Sarah and Yehudis. They will carry with them the thousands of children of the donors and plead for them tearfully!

And give Tzedakah!

The Tefilas Hashelah has an introduction, in which it details how one should conduct oneself on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan: “He and his wife should fast… and give tzedakah to worthy paupers”!

Your donation to Vaad Harabbanim is not a “payment,” chalilah, for the Tefilah of the Gedolei Hador… the tzedakah itself is part of the spiritual hishtadlus that the Shelah Hadosh prescribed for the sake of our children!

When we give tzedakah to Vaad Harabbanim, we are thinking of and caring for the children of Hakadosh Baruch Hu. And midah k’neged midah, we merit that He will show mercy on our children!

Go open up the Tefilas Hashelah. Read the words that Gedolei Yisrael will daven so fervently for our children. You can simply cry from emotion; it is so moving!

It is all about our children, and about children who were not yet born, and about grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, forever! This tzedakah and this tefilah reaches to the end of time, it hovers over our children and descendants and protects them.

The Tefilas Hashelah encompasses all areas of life, it guides each Jew, according to who he is: those who long to hug a baby but did not yet merit to, those who are struggling with the chinuch of their children… the tefilah goes on, and asks that there should be love, brotherhood and peace among our children. That they should be happily married to the zivug who is fitting to the source of their neshamah, that they should have physical and spiritual health, and plenty of parnassah…

Everything we ever dreamed of comes up on the holy lips of the Gedolei Hador!

With hundreds of years of Torah learning, and the tremendous power of tzedakah, the Tefilah at the tomb of the Shelah Hakadosh ascends heavenward, and the sublime tzaddik is our meilitz yosher before Hashem.

This opportunity comes only once a year. Whoever misses it will have to wait a whole long and precious year, until next Rosh Chodesh Sivan comes around again.

And whoever takes advantage of the opportunity – will be there, with his children.