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Your Nachas Starts Here

9/24/5782 25.05.2022

Whom do you get up for in the morning?

Why do you work so hard to earn enough parnassah?

Why do you stock your home with so much food, clothing and toys?

What causes you to go to the pediatrician although you are exhausted after a long day’s work?

For whom do you call the teachers and the rebbeim? Why do you prepare nice, tasty Shabbos meals? Why do we run and go and come and buy and smile and listen and speak and kiss and clean?

For our children.

Our lives revolve around them. We invest so much energy, money and effort, physical, spiritual and emotional –

To raise a generation of true ovdei Hashem.

Once a year, the Tzaddikim take the most precious and significant thing we have, our children, for whom we live, and travel to the tomb of the Shelah Hakadosh, for their sake.

Your child will be there, too!

Those Most Precious to Us

Look at your children, or your grandchildren, if you already got to that stage and were blessed with a third generation.

Your heart desires so much for them to have only the best!

Look at yourself. What are your aspirations? How do you want your offspring to be? What is important to you to pass on, in the golden chain of the Jewish people?

On Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, the Tzaddikei Hador will go up, as every year, to daven for us and our children at the tomb of the Shelah Hakadosh. They will be pleading for everything we might ever want to ask for.

Whoever was at the Tefilah sessions of past years still feels the thrill and excitement that surrounds the Tefilos of the Gedolei Hador.

The hands raised to the heavens, the eyes closed in deveikus. The Tzaddikim pleading for our children with true concern and love, as if they were praying on behalf of their own child!

How far are we willing to travel for the zechus that the Gadol Hador will bless our child? Now the Gedolei Hador are the ones who are traveling for us to daven for our children! 

On the day that the Shelah designated, at the holy tomb of the Shelah, and according to the nusach that the Shelah wrote!

Open up the prayer for a moment. Take a look at the words and whisper them. Just reading them makes one’s eyes moist from tears of longing!

“יהִי רָצוֹן מִלְּפָנֶיךָ שֶׁתזמין לי בָּנִים וּבָנוֹת…ותן להם בריאות וכבוד וכח….מארי מידות תרומיות….וְתזמין להם זווגים הגונים….ככל אשר התפללתי עליהם…”

This is where the heavens open up! Whatever you want is for the taking right now! That our children should have ahavas Hashem, that they should feel connected to mitzvos, that they should have success in learning…

We Need It for Our Children!

We are used to running. Life is busy and we are juggling a million and one tasks that cannot be delayed, and sometimes we forget for whom and why.

On Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, we take advantage of this eis ratzon, which the Shelah Hakadosh revealed to us as a time of segulah to daven for our children. We stop and look at them, and we tremble as we realize how great is our responsibility.

Raising children was never simple. Generations upon generations of fathers and mothers put in thought and effort, moistened their siddurim with tears, gave everything they had, to merit good, G-d-fearing children who follow Hashem’s ways.

Every period had its own nisyonos, but it still seems that our nisyonos, in the period of Chavlei Mashiach, are so much greater…

The Gedolei Hador are going out to daven for your children. Grab this opportunity!

Give your child the Tefilah of the Gedolei Hador, give him or her the power of their Torah learning, the strength of tzedakah and zechus harabim that they have.

Even in the best circumstances our children have plenty of challenges to face. We don’t have the ability to solve all the problems and dangers they will face –

But we have the incredibly simple ability to give them powerful spiritual and physical protection!

The Maamad Tefilas Hashelah will guard them in body and soul.

This Tefilah will open up for them the gates of parnassah and lead them on the proper path that is special for them.

We, at home, will add our Tefilah, at the same time as the Tefilas Hatzaddikim. The Tefilah of Tateh and Mameh, of Jews who want to continue the chain of Am Yisrael – – –

Time flies. Soon our children will be parents themselves. What will they be like? What type of a home will they establish?

The Gedolei Hador are going out to daven for your children. Grab this opportunity!


The Gedolei Hador are going out to daven for your children. Grab this opportunity!