Guedolei Hador

Moreinu Harav Hagaon Yehudah Adas shlita

“May Hashem grant the merit to every member of the Jewish people to have a hand and a part and a partnership in this glorious organization of Vaad Harabanim l’Inyanei Tzedaka b’Eretz Hakodesh”

Moreinu Harav Hagaon Yaakov Hillel shlita

“There is no question that through the holy tzedaka of Vaad Harabanim l’Inyanei Tzedaka b’Eretz Hakodesh, many kitrugim are removed from Klal Yisrael, and it brings a flow of blessings down from Heaven, and many supernatural yeshu’os.”

Moreinu Harav Hagaon Reuven Elbaz shlita

“Vaad Harabanim l’inyanei Tzedaka b’Eretz Hakodesh has taken upon themselves a heavy burden for the sake of the poor, the orphans and widows. Baruch Hashem, it divides up among the righteous Rabbanim who sit and discuss each matter. Fortunate is he who merits being among the doers of this mitzvah.”

Moreinu the Rebbe of Rachmestrivka shlita

“Vaad Harabanim saves thousands of families with unimaginable dedication. Widows,orphans, sick people. This is the fund that helps in all the cities of Eretz Yisrael, to all the segments of the public.”

Moreinu Harav Hagaon Nissim Karelitz shlita

“Vaad Harabanim was established with the goal of distributing the tzedaka to true and worthy paupers.”

Moreinu Harav Hagaon Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg zatzal

“The tzedaka of Vaad Harabanim is the mehudar tzedaka in our generation.”

Moreinu the Rebbe of Tzanz shlita

“About tzedaka it says, ‘Test Me through this, if I will not open for you the windows of Heaven and pour out for you blessing until it is overabundant.’ We actually see this with Vaad Harabanim. May Hashem help, that all should see yeshu’os, the donors and the assistors.”

Moreinu the Rebbe of Belze shlita

“Our generation was fortunate that Vaad Harabanim was established, for it rehabilitates thousands of families, saving them from collapse.”

Moreinu the Rebbe of Vizhnitz shlita

“The merit of tzedaka will protect all who assist and participate, so they should merit great abundance from the Master of the Worlds and the Father of the Orphans. From His good treasure house may all the donors be showered with blessing, success, children, life and abundant sustenance.”

Moreinu Harav Hagaon Hamekubal David Abuhazeira shlita

“I know personally thousands who saw yeshu’os due to a donation to Vaad Harabanim. Hashem loves the tzedaka of Vaad Harabanim.”

Moreinu Harav Hagaon Shmuel Auerbach zatzal

“Vaad Harabanim is the giant fund of pure, clean and unsullied tzedaka”

Moreinu Posek Hador Harav Hagaon Yosef Shalom Elyashiv zatzal

“The merit of tzedakah to Vaad Harabanim will be a zechus and a yeshu’ah”

Moreinu Rosh Hayeshivah Harav Hagaon Aharon Yehuda Leib Steinman zatzal

“When there is a gezeira on a Jew, Hashem presents to him the wondrous tzedaka of Vaad Harabanim. Not just one pauper but many poor people. This is so he will give them tzedaka, and be saved from the gezeirah.”

Moreinu Posek Hador Harav Hagaon Shmuel Halevi Wozhner zatzal

“Be partners with us in the largest tzedaka fund of our generation. The tzedakah of Vaad Harabanim is very powerful. Whoever takes part in it sees open yeshu’os!”

Moreinu Harav Hagaon Hagadol Chaim Kanievsky shlita

“It is obvious that giving tzedaka to Vaad Harabanim has the power to nullify gezeiros ra’os that were decreed upon a person”