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Rehabilitation of Families

There are so many families that have pulled through the disaster hanging over them, thanks only to Vaad Harabbanim! But our goal is not just to rescue families on the brink. We put them steadily back on their feet so they can function on their own.

A family in distress usually needs, and receives, an intensive shot of initial help. This stabilizes the situation. Then an individualized plan is made to get them back functioning independently without tzedakah. This is the greatest chesed of all!

If there are medical issues, Vaad Harabbanim makes sure the family receives what they’re entitled to from the appropriate agencies. If a family is overwhelmed by their debts, Vaad Harabbanim mediates with banks and creditors to set up a reasonable repayment schedule. Sometimes a family doesn’t need money; they need legal assistance to help them get what they are entitled by law. We do that too.

Vaad Harabbanim has released thousands of families from distress and dependency on tzedakah, restoring them to a life of financial independence. All this is possible thanks to your generous contributions to Vaad Harabbanim!