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Special Funds for Orphans

Vaad Harabbanim innovated this crucial tool for rescuing widows and orphans from their bitter fate, and we are its prime operators. (You might wonder what the world was like before we invented this idea!) We are not at rest until assistance is provided, to help widows and orphans live their lives.

More than three thousand such funds have been set up.

Whether it is a mother of eight children, or a father of three, it is everyday life with all its pain and responsibilities that drains their energy. We give them the strength to carry on, to care for their children lovingly and responsibly.

We raise support in a number of ways, such as appealing to the family and local community, and general fundraising.

When you support Vaad Harabbanim, you are a benefactor to many thousands of widows and orphans. There’s nothing better you can do to wipe away the tears of these orphans and widows.