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Besieged Jerusalem




“Stay here until Sunday?” I glanced out the corner of my eye. Jerusalem street was changing his face, and it seems that something exaggerated predictions may be realized. The doctor gave me a stern look. “We want the good of your wife, sir. Surely you know.”


I sighed in resignation. When we left our house this morning in one of the villages near Jerusalem never dreamed that the test will end short hospitalization and possibly surgery. My tefillin at home, we do not have clothes for tomorrow, we have no clothes and no equipment Saturday’s four-day stay!


Through the window we watched the snowflakes editors spectacular dances with the wind and landed softly on the trees, on cars and sidewalks. The sun was setting. Snow continued to pile up into the night. At ten o’clock the lights were switched off the main ward and I would have to leave and find myself a place to stay.


Indifference he went down to the synagogue, the only place where I was sure that my presence will not disturb anyone. I sat on the hard bench, close my eyes and try to sleep. Hours passed slowly. Slowly stretch excessively. From time to time I fell asleep, waking up after a short time with back and neck pain. I waited eagerly for the morning. When the hospital finally came to life and I could get my wife’s room – I realized we were in deep trouble.


Completely besieged city. The snow, the likes of which had not known example dozen years, leaving authorities powerless and completely unedited. Crowds of people were stranded on the roads, and we have to admit that at least I am in a heated indoor …


We tried to organize somehow sit. Dear Jew who lived in close proximity to the hospital we brought home essential equipment, thereby obtaining the Sabbath Queen. Borrowed clothes, a foreign hospital and out – the streets draped in a white layer, like a map.


Friday night after dinner in the dining room of the hospital, I went back to the synagogue. Sleep … just looking back bench back pain from the night before. I sat nervously. I’m so tired! Tired to death! Unwittingly picked up a book on the table before, open and flip through the movements irritably. This night will also insomnia pluck? I looked at the book in my hands and I immediately realized what it was. “I promised and been delivered three” of the Board of Rabbis.


I put it back on the table, debating … meanwhile I decided that I read only the first half of the book tells about the life of Maran Rav Elyashiv Ramchal.


Time flew as I been reading lively. I finished the first part and went through the story of salvation. Read and satisfied, believe and do not believe.


Saturday night went to continue reading the book. I finished the seven hundred pages and yet, in spite of edifying stories, never left my heart quandary: it is real, these redemption story, or they exaggerated? Still, I got to be myself if I did not need surgery donate Board of Rabbis.


* *


On Sunday morning, after I finished reading the book, at 11:00 am, the doctor came and said that the tests were wrong and thank God there is no need for surgery.


“Here’s a letter in your release.” Festive doctor announced. My wife took the letter and folded it excitedly with skepticism. Released? Where? Roads are blocked? Icy street? The entire city is locked. Only for special emergencies army APCs placed SUVs.


“As long as there is space available in the department – you can stay.” The doctor offered generously. And after that? Ask our eyes. “If we have the bed you will have to leave. This hotel is not here …”


If we wanted another. I longed to run away and stay in this place another minute. Every muscle in my body aching, tired and expected to go home, sleep-and sleep-and sleep. I spent three sleepless nights where I could drink book of seven hundred pages. Perhaps contributing to the Board of Rabbis of watermelon and miracles happen to me like those stories.


“Good Lord” – said the Almighty. “You know my situation right now is not easy. Do not have much to give., But if we can get home until four o’clock in the afternoon – I will donate to charity of thirty shekels to the rabbis.”


What followed was a client looks in the pages of the book, “I promised and been delivered” just a few minutes later called me living in a hot springs near where Gurney. “We are cut off from water and electricity for days, and therefore the security of the community car family driving to Jerusalem. It can take you when he gets here.”


The truth? I was shocked. I did not know how the contribution of the Rabbinical Council operates. For me it was an open miracle.


Then another problem arose: security vehicle allowed to cross only at the bus station, and we have to get there, in the snow. I called the taxi. I was told a taxi from Shaare Zedek central station adverse weather conditions will cost me a hundred and fifty shekels.


I decided to dare and try again. It has been seen in the eyes minutes after I promised to found a vehicle to bring us back home … I was reminded at the end of the book appears in the will of Rabbi Elyashiv Ramchal wishing to donate one hundred eighty shekels justice of the Board of Rabbis. Said to God – “Lord, if we get home without paying cab, I add these three hundred thirty shekels promised before, and I got along just one hundred eighty shekels Elyashiv’s will! “


“What are you mumbling about?” Inquired my wife. I told her and she was keen. “Let’s see what happens next …”


And cold. A few minutes later the mobile rang again. It was the security guard who said just now opened to traffic the road section from the central station to Sderot Herzl. He comes to take us directly to the Shaare Zedek “…


At three and a half in the afternoon we put the lights in the living room, go out of our way with admiration. How good to be home! I sat on the couch wearily. “We have been delivered from the story I promised and 4”, I said, amused. Took my wife prepared a pot of soup from the fridge for lunch on Thursday and put on the stove. Within minutes spread in a warm aroma of vegetable soup.


I got up from the couch when there was a knock on the door. Who go out in this weather?


Doorway stood for. “I remembered that I owe you money.” He said and pulled out – one hundred eighty shekels …


For a long moment I stayed stunned. Just when I give the Board of Rabbis – out security vehicle toward Jerusalem. Just as I promise to uphold the will of Rabbi Elyashiv Ramchal – just open stretch of road from Central Station to me … home we arrive ten minutes before I asked., And when I want to keep my promises to repay not quite know where I’ll get the amount, which is quite high in situations present – ‘recalls’ neighbor give me back an old debt that amounts to exactly one hundred eighty dollars.


Amazing, and quite real. This time I know for sure …