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Dear Vaad Harabbanim,

I am enclosing a contribution to thank Hashem for helping us in merit of our mitzvah of giving tzedakah.

One evening during chol hamoed Sukkos, we went to see the simchas beis hashoevah at Toldos Aharon. Everyone knows how crowded it is there, as hundreds of women and girls stand packed in on the bleachers, trying to get a glimpse of the dancing.

Suddenly, my sister’s contact lens popped out of her eye, and landed somewhere in the crowd. And this was a very expensive and delicate hard lens.

We were so worried. How would we ever find that tiny contact lens in this crowd? We did the best we could, and we tried to move some of the bleachers that were near us, but we couldn’t find it. Although it seemed hopeless, each of us pledged tzedakah to Vaad Harabbanim.

As it got later, the band eventually stopped, and the crowd started to disperse. On the one hand, it would be much easier to find now that the place was emptying out, but on the other hand, the chances now were that even if we did end up finding it, it would be smashed.

Though we were on the very top row, one of us had the idea that it might have fallen several feet, all the way down to the floor. We climbed down to check – and we were amazed to find the contact lens – and even more amazed to find it still intact!

Thank you for giving us the privilege of experiencing miracles!