MIRACLE ON A RENTED KAYAK - Vaad harabanim : Vaad harabanim MIRACLE ON A RENTED KAYAK - Vaad harabanim


Last summer, we went on a trip up north. I borrowed my brother’s camera. We ended the day kayaking on the Jordan River. I guess I shouldn’t have, but I brought the camera on the kayak, and it fell out at the beginning of our route.

I was so upset and didn’t know what to do, but we continued floating on. After about fifteen minutes, when I was getting very nervous about it, one of my friends shouted over to me from a different kayak that I should make a pledge to Vaad Harabbanim. So I pledged 30 NIS if I would find the camera.

Right afterwards I saw the camera in the reeds by the bank. And this was fifteen minutes further down the route!

I picked up the camera, and it was sopping wet. I thought there was no chance it would work again, but I pledged another 20 NIS to Vaad Harabbanim if it would. When I came home, I left the camera out to dry, and I told my brother that have to wait a week and let it dry out and then see. He said forget about it, but I told him that I was sure that it would work, in merit of tzedakah to Vaad Harabbanim.

After a week and a half we turned on the camera, and we couldn’t believe what was happening. Not only were we able to take new pictures, but we were even able to view all the old pictures on the card. As if nothing happened!

Thank you, Vaad Harabbanim, for giving us such a special merit of giving tzedakah!