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Needle in a haystack

Growled the planes taking off and landing one after another at breakneck speed bustling airport of Miami, joined the unbearable odors coming from the decay of the thousands of small plastic bags filled with mostly food scraps or broken half of them spread over a huge area. Medium was Rabbi Meir Jungreis, is currently engaged in delicate hands as planned presentation of luxury watches, tucked inside the gloves were dripping with stale leftovers. Negro policeman passionate side – white head hairs learned that the man he saw nothing and two during his lifetime – cries out in surprise and happiness. Rabbi Meir stand and read it eagerly to the story of salvation of rabbis from the book “I promised and been delivered.”


Sounds strange?


Well, what happened in real life! Salvation story fascinating and unusual!






To understand what we were. We must go back to that Saturday night at the Ministry of knocked on doors “and to Eretz Yisroel Rabbinical charity” Rabbi Meir Jungreis YV lightning trip from Miami arrived in our holy land. His face lit with enthusiasm reached a total of one thousand three hundred and eighty dollars USA [immediately understand what’s special about this amount] and began to tell the most interesting story he had ever experienced in his life.


Should, perhaps, before the body went to the story itself, with a brief introduction to R. Meir Jungreis YV, for those who have not yet heard his name and heard.


Contributions of R. Meir. Enjoyed by many religious institutions, charities and Gabbay different senders, frequent holidays vintage number 138 if you find out for anyone who visited the home of Rabbi Meir, you will hear that the sum starts at $ 13.8, or $ 138. Or even 1380 dollars. Rare times that the amount is $ 13,800. And the history of Rabbi Meir could tell even the donation of 138,000 dollars.


This number is not a matter of purely random. Isodto sacred mountains. Palace of Rebbe Moshe Mordechai Lelov l R. Meir was linked to heart and soul, my limbs, Naran, in the depths of the soul root.


Face to face like water, was the holy tzaddik Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Lelov l love him back up for him affection.


And Cshmzdmn island who sit down face to face of Rabbi Meir, and things tumble about his teacher St., immediately became Rabbi Meir Fountainhead and Nahal ongoing tales, facts and customs Didier Hoi fact, an examination of my flesh, matters obscure and wonderful Mcbshono of the holy Rabbi Moshe Mordechai l took place with him.


Times was Rabbi Meir suddenly gets clogged instructions from the Holy Rebbe sitting thousands of miles away, his eyes wandering, and is a devoted follower, does not understand the meaning of things, but to fulfill them without saying a word and without question. After a retrospective turns out that the existence of the command was saved his life or business situation.


In short, if our ears tended to flow the stories of Rabbi Meir about holy teacher, will lengthen the time, and were able to paper and ink that the pen is exhausted to the end. Indeed, Tractate is in itself, and the study is that learning should, for the sake of knowledge Aizose D and wonders by his servants the righteous.


“To this day” – says Rabbi Meir – “I do not know the meaning of the special affection conceived by the Holy Rebbe Diika this number, but even without understanding, this is the amount revolve around the needs of all contributions to charity.”