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Ways to Donate

Ways to donate to Vaad Harabanim – here are all the ways to make your generous contribution to Vaad Harabanim, for the rescue of thousands of families in distress, as well as a variety of downloadable forms. The invoice for tax purposes will be mailed to you at the address and name you provide.

Here are the ways to donate to Vaad Harabanim:

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To make a secure donation to Vaad Harabanim (by credit card): click here

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To donate through the Vaad Harabanim calling center, dial 1877-722-2646 (24 hours a day)

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You can donate by check. Make it out to “Vaad Harabanim L’inyanei Tzedaka” and mail to : 221 Regent Drive Lakewood, NJ 08701