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Weddings for Orphans

Vaad Harabbanim’s greatest joy is to help orphans get to that all-important day and help them start a new life for themselves, leaving the past behind .

They walk to the chuppah, all dressed up and smiling. They are surrounded by guests who have come to share in their happy occasion. A modest chasunah package awaits them in their rented apartments.

And you’re the one who makes this all possible!

Vaad Harabbanim doesn’t just throw money at the problem and then walk away. When the case calls for it, we appoint a representative to take care of all kinds of practical arrangements. The kind of things that usually the parents do, but in cases like these, the remaining parent might not be capable of doing everything on their own. We make sure the orphan bride or groom is provided for, and guided, each step along the way.

All it takes is one call from you to Vaad Harabbanim, and these orphans will make it to the chuppah—to start a new life filled with joy and happiness!